• BoatSafeGuard

    Der BoatSafeGuard überwacht die vitalen Systeme des Schiffes und gibt zusätzliche Sicherheit auf Fahrt und bei Abwesenheit. Schnellstmöglichst informiert über Motorüberhitzung, Wassereinbruch, Batterieprobleme, Gaslecks etc. in Kombination mit einer Einbruch-Alarmanlage. Entwickelt aus der Praxis von Skipper für Skipper mit seetüchtiger Bedienung in einem hochwertigen Gerät.

  • Sensors

    The number and type of sensors and the length of the connection cables are customized for your ship.

    You select the number of monitored motors and generators, the batteries and the desired sensors for shore power, intrusion, refrigerator, etc. and the length of the required cables.

  • Extensions

    Select your desired extension and the length of the connection cable

    The extensions for switching devices such as dehumidifiers or heating, the remote controls for anchors/alarm system/relays etc. can be added at any time.

  • Mobile Plans

    For sending SMS worldwide

    The worldwide sending of alarm SMS to any cell phone requires an SMS credit at a standard price - anywhere in the world with mobile communications.

    Data and SMS flat rate packages for worldwide coverage, prices depending on local conditions.

    Only the BoatSafeGuard Version mobile, flat rate data packages depending on aera

    The BSG Smartphone App and the data cockpit and their use are free of charge.
    Only the sending of alarm SMS requires a chargeable credit.

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